Remote work tips from our team
To minimize the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, also our teams are working from home. Here are some tips from us. Firstly, it is necessary to distinguish between work and everything else. Secondly, you need to minimize the boundaries in your work space.

1. Time
Try to use natural boundaries such as food, to separate the working day from other activities

2. Place
Try to organize your working place in the best way you can. All that you need for productive working day should be next to you (f.e. the Internet, camera, headset, lights, documents)This workplace should be permanent, because it will help you to psychologically focus on your tasks.

3. Virtual space
If you use WhatsApp messanger, try to use it's business version. It is very conviniet, because when you receive messages there is no interaction between personal and working contacts.

The last, but not least tip from us it to stay positive and use the quarantine time for learning something new, there are a lot of opportunities for your personal and professional growth.